Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mohamed Al-Nafs Al-Zakia - The Pure-Blooded Quraishi

To get a better idea of what the Arabs of the past looked like, let's take a close and careful look at the Prophet Mohamed's (SAWS) descendant Mohamed Al-Nafs Al-Zakia the son of Abdellah the son of Al-Hasan the son of Al-Hasan the son of Ali the son of Abu Talib.

It is a known fact that Mohamed Al-Nafs Al-Zakia was a pure-blooded Arab from his father's side and his mother's side. This is why he was nick-named The Pure-Blooded Quraishi. This is why he said the following about himself:

"You know that no one has as close relations to or relations to anyone better than he whom I am very closely related to (meaning the Prophet Mohamed (SAWS))".

What color would most people today expect a person who says such a thing to be? ِAl-Hafidh Al-Dhahabi says:

Mohamed Al-Nafs Al-Zakia was "black-skinned and huge".

Al-Tabari says:

"Mohamed Al-Nafs Al-Zakia was tall, jet-black-skinned and huge. He was nick-named The Bituminous because of his blackness and Abu Ja'afar Al-Mansour used to call him Charcoal".

Bear in mind that the person called The Bituminous and Charcoal was a pure-blooded Arab closely related to the Prophet Mohamed (SAWS). Remember that this person called The Bituminous and Charcoal said:

"You know that no one has as close relations to or relations to anyone better than he whom I am very closely related to (meaning the Prophet Mohamed (SAWS))".

Bituminous means like bitumen. Take a look at the color of bitumen:


Mohamed Al-Nafs Al-Zakia was also called Charcoal. Here is the color of charcoal:


I believe that this should give readers a very clear picture of how dark-skinned Mohamed Al-Nafs Al-Zakia - the pure-blooded Arab direct descendant of the Prophet Mohamed (SAWS) was. Mohamed Al-Nafs Al-Zakia had a son named Al-Hasan. Ibn Hazim says:

"Al-Hasan (the son of Mohamed Al-Nafs Al-Zakia) was so black-skinned that he was nick-named The Father of the Tar. We all know how dark tar is.

That is the description of Mohamed Al-Nafs Al-Zakia the son of Abdellah the son of Al-Hasan the son of Al-Hasan the son of Ali the son of Abu Talib. That is the blackness of Mohamed Al-Nafs Al-Zakia, who said about himself:

"I am descended from the Prophet (SAWS) from my mother's side AND my father's side. I am the purest of Bani Hashim (the branch of Quraish that the Prophet Mohamed (SAWS) is from) in genealogy and the noblest of them both paternally AND maternally. NO NON-ARAB BLOOD RUNS THROUGH MY VEINS!

Doesn't this say it all? I believe that this is the proof of all proofs that the original Arabs were a dark-skinned people.


  1. Salaams Tariq, another great post. Nobody even mentions his name. Keep posting brother


  2. Salaams Yao. Thanks! Will keep posting inshaAllah.

  3. Salam ya Tarik but why did they all end up marrying whites if they were so proud of their blackness? is that not how those pale skinned arabs who claim to be Asayyid and Ashruf today became white in the first place?

  4. Salam Hisham. You will find that the mixing started generations after Ali (RAA). That's why generations after Ali (RAA) the Ashraaf were still dark. Mohamed Al-Nafs Al-Zakia is the great great grandson of Ali (RAA) and he was still dark and so was his son Al-Hasan - The Father of the Tar.

  5. Salam Tarik, i think you should post a video on YOUTUBE where you can voice over in Arabic or English using either subtitles...explaining the facts about ancient Arabia and it's them all the quotes and references....something like this

    also some day inshallah we can make true films/biographies/documentaries where the true image of the arabs, ancient Egyptians and the Moors of Spain would be this clip here from film The Merchant of Venice starring al Pacino

    someone has obviously done their homework!

  6. Salaam Zaytoun. Those are good ideas. Actually I'm working on a screenplay for a historical film which shows the Arabs in their true colors. The hard part is finding someone to make the film.

  7. What film would that be?...i'm sure you can find some African-American who would sponser that proposal....what i found to be hypocritical is the those responsible for producing childrnes Islamic books...there is no image or depiction of the Prophet Muhammad but you see images of other Prophets and the companions of the Prophet...and yes they are all white like snow

  8. That's true and in any Islamic film that you see, the only dark-skinned person in the film is the one portraying Bilal.

  9. Salaam,

    I had my dna tested and have matches to Mozambique, Yemen, and Pakistan, North, and West Africa.

    I am also curious to know now how can I find out which Yemeni lineage I am connected to. If you have any info, please let me know. My guess was Hadramawt.

    I have read your book, and I am amazed at how you were right. I just don't understand what happened.

  10. Salaam Neferkemet! That's interesting and it makes a lot of sense. As you probably know, the Makrani of Pakistan are Baluchis and the Baluchis are descended from the Yemeni Arab tribe of Al-Azd. Many Omanis are descended from the Yemeni tribe of Al-Azd, too. In fact, the ruling family in Oman is from the Al-Azd tribe and the person in the picture above is too. Of course the Omanis occupied the coast of East Africa (Kenya, Zanzibar, Tanzania, Mozambique, Comoros) before the arrival of the Portuguese in the 16th century.

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  12. Tarik you need to remove the above link from this humar

  13. 1st of all the picture you present in this post is not of him and secondly the historians you are mentioning as your references are pro Anti Muhammad S.A.W and especially his family. No wonder they had said such things to get their belly filled with gold and diamonds and not to get their asses kicked by kings like Mansur etc.

  14. Naseem. What picture are you referring to? And are you saying that Al-Dhahabi and Al-Tabari are anti Mohamed (SAWS)???!!! What are you talking about???!!!

  15. My name is Muhammad Rashid Aliyu I came across the serving the web for information proving Arabs were originally Black Allahu Subhana wa ta'ala guided me to the Book " The Unknown Arabs" by Tariq Berry ever since then I've spread the information and purchase Siyaar A'Alaam Al -Nubala 4vol. set ,Tabaqaat al-Kubra Al-Iqd al-Fareed 7 vol. edition,Taarikh Al-Khulafaah,Fajr al-Islam, Lisaan Al-arab, and Jumharat Ansaab Al-Arab. And the next one I intent of getting is Taarikh al-Tabari!. All of the information in the Arabic as Tariq Berry has stated purchase all the book he used in the reference! Thanks! Tariq Berry May Allah Bless you forever!